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Journey to the Cross

By Annette Smith
March 26.2014

As Jesus headed down that bloody path to the cross,

What gave Him the strength to go on was the thought of all our loss.

His pain, His weakness was never

A thought on His mind,

He came here because of His great love for mankind.

Our infidelity, our profanity, our sinful

Hearts were what pierced Him.

He knew this was a war we could not win.

Both the inward thoughts and hearts of

Man was so dark and deep,

The price Jesus had to pay

Was not cheap.

Think of that day He

Left the comfort of home and shack.

Think of the road He had to walk

And He never once looked back.

He would see our tear-stained faces,

Each agonizing day.

That's what kept Him on the cross where He lay.

Will you accept this Free Gift

He wants to give?

Will you choose to die or choose to live?

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