Seeking Jesus
Take a moment and honestly ponder the following
questions.  It may even be helpful for you to record your

  1. Are you currently struggling with an issue in your
  2. Is this a reoccurring issue? If so, how have you
    tried to resolve the issue?
  3. How is the current attempt to resolve this issue
  4. How many times have you wanted someone to
    come and resolve the issue for you so that you did
    not have to deal with it any longer?
  5. How often do feelings of hopelessness and
    helplessness come over you as you struggle one
    more relentless time with this issue?
The good news is that your issue can be resolved.  The better news is that it can be
resolved in a manner in which you will feel peace and calm- no more struggling- feelings
of hopelessness and helplessness.  The best news is that Jesus is waiting for you to come
to Him for the resolution.  He has the perfect plan to get this issue resolved!

And so, the next question would be: "Do you want to give your struggles to Jesus, for
Him to resolve them?"
Sounds too easy,
doesn't it?  Well, that
is how Jesus works.  
He takes the load
when you hand it to
Him and resolves it
when you get out of
His way and let Him
work.  In fact, the
Bible says give Jesus
ALL our issues.  
Why?  Because Jesus
cares about you!  He
does not want you to
struggle, Jesus wants
you to live in peace
with Him, yourself and
You may say, "But I have already
tried giving my problem to Jesus and
nothing happened."  Well, the next
question to ask yourself is, "Have
you seriously given Jesus a chance
at resolving this issue for you?"  
Giving the issue to Jesus and than
taking it back because Jesus did not
resolve it in the manner or timing
that you thought proper is not
allowing Jesus to resolve the issue.  
Taking the issue back is telling
Jesus that you know more than He
does and that you can handle the
problem better than He can.  But do
you really know more than Jesus
and can you really handle the
problem better than Jesus?  
Remember your attempts at
resolving the issue in the past and
what those results were?
1.  Admit to yourself and
Jesus that you have done
things wrong.  The Bible says
that all wrong doing is sin and
that we have all done
something wrong so we have
all sinned.
2.  Ask Jesus to forgive
you of the sins you have
committed.  Remember,
Jesus is the only one
who qualifies to forgive
3.  Ask Jesus to be your
Savior and Lord.  (Savior
means that Jesus saved
you from eternal death.  
Lord means you make
Jesus your boss.)
4.  Thank Jesus
for being your
Savior and Lord.
Now that you have said theses things to Jesus with all your heart, record the time and date of your conversation with Jesus.  
Satan does not like what you just did because he doesn't like it when someone moves from his family to Jesus' family.  You
see, before you sincerely prayed, Satan was actually the master of your destiny.  Now that you have prayed this prayer, Jesus is
the Master of your destiny.

Another thing you need to do is read the Bible, which is a really good instruction book for life.  Reading the Gospel of John
helps you see how much Jesus loves you.  You also need to get into a Bible preaching, Bible teaching fellowship of Christians- a
church.  Ask Jesus to show what church He wants you to attend.  He will!

Now build that relationship with Jesus that you have just begun.  The first thing you need to do is simply tell Jesus how you
feel.  You can tell Him by talking to Him out loud, silently or in writing.  You can tell Jesus what you need to tell Him.  In
reality, He already knows what you think and feel.  Telling Jesus is just helping you work through the problem.  Talk to Him.  
Read the Bible.  Let Jesus take care of you and love you.
Sure you may be a little hesitant to trust Jesus but at this point what do you have to lose?  You have
tried it your way and it didn't work.  You may have even tried it someone else's way and it didn't work.  
So why not try Jesus' way?
Jesus is not about religion.  Jesus is about a relationship, a personal and intimate relationship with you.  
He waits for you to come to Him. Jesus loves you so much that He died on the cross for the bad things
you have done and will do.  You see, there is only one person who lived on this earth or who is now living
who has done no wrong.  And, guess what? You aren't that person and neither am I.  You, others and I
have all chose to think bad thoughts, say bad words, or commit bad actions.
The Bible says that all these bad choices deserve death.  Death in this context is just not one day dying
physically.  This death refers to eternal death.  That means after you physically die you will be spiritually
dead for eternity.  Spiritual death is eternal separation from the One who gives hope and help.  If you
think you feel hopeless and helpless at times now, just enter into life after physical death and you will feel
those feelings forever.
All of that seems pretty gloomy.  But, remember Jesus loves you and died for you.  The reason His death
and resurrection is so important is that Jesus was the one perfect person who lived on this earth.  He
never did anything wrong.  Because of his perfection, we have a way to an eternity of hope and help
instead of an eternity of hopelessness and helplessness.
Again, Jesus makes it very simple to move from eternal death to eternal life.  There are 4 steps below: