Turning the Curse
Into a Blessing
Myrna Thatcher grew up in a small, Kansas
suburb in a performance-driven family. As a
child she was the one who helped people
so becoming a therapist was a natural
progression. Married at the age of 17, five
years later with two small children and a
husband, Myrna began college courses to
complete her dream of being a therapist.
Sixteen years later with a 4.0 grade point
average and her Master of Science in
Marriage and Family Therapy, Myrna began
a private practice that included clients who
suffered from Dissociative Identitity
Disorders. That is where Annette and
Myrna's story begins.

Annette Smith lived in Kansas metropolitan
area most of her  life. Annette buried
herself in arts and crafts as an escape
from the horrors of life that she held deep
within her  mind, yet deep within her heart
she held on to God, who  kept her sane
through the dark, mystical trials of
childhood. She grew up in a large family
who, you would think, would be very close
and protective of each other. On the
contrary, there was no protection from the
evil and abuse that weaved its way in and
through the family system. Therefore, as
Annette grew she became the woman, the
child and the others. Her story explains the
long journey of how a woman gained
healing from living as a child and as other
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