Prayer Requests & Praises

                Prayer Requests

Protection spiritually, mentally, emotionally,  physically, and relationally

Wisdom and direction as we minister to the wounded and hopeless

Pray that God will water the seeds of the gospel

Pray that the funding for the ministry will continue as we face uncertain financial times

Pray that people who seek healing will open their hearts and minds to God

Pray that the opposition will continue to see God's love in and through us

Pray that whenever we open our mouths, words may be given to us so that we will fearlessly
make known the Mystery of the Gospel
Thank you, Jesus, that Annette's non-hodges lymphoma is in remission!!!!

Thank you to Grangeville Christian Church who allows us to have an office free of charge!

Thank you, Jesus, for working in and through this ministry to set the captives free

Thank you, Jesus, that when we run into problems, You are always here to solve them.

Thank you, Jesus, for the miracles you have performed in our lives and in the business.