Robert L. Smith
Born: May 2, 1977
Died: August 22, 2006
A Bruised Reed
In Matthew 11:7 Jesus references a reed
swayed in the wind.  He was referring to
John the Baptist who was not a person
easily swayed by the opinions or actions of

Robert was no "John the Baptist."  Robert
was the reed that was easily swayed
because of his simple heart.  Robert gave
away his Kansas City Chief's coat in order
to have a friend.  Robert loved fishing, yet
at the age of 17, he was easily persuaded to
exchange his fishing poles for a ride to
where his mom worked.  A "friend" even
tried to convince Robert to trade his
functioning truck for a not so functioning
truck while Annette and I were on a
business trip.  Jesus intervened by having
a police officer stop Robert as he test drove
the not so functioning vehicle.  This
resulted in a telephone call to mom and
stopped the transaction.

Obviously, because of his simple heart,
people took advantage of Robert.  Certainly
he made some bad choices.  He may have
been a bruised reed but he was also born
with a sin nature.
However, after living with Robert 24-7 for over a year I am convinced his simple heart
hindered his problem solving skills.  Robert just didn't always understand the consequences
to his choices.  This is not to excuse Robert but to illustrate that through the years, this
growing, vibrant reed who was easily swayed gradually became bruised.

Robert tried his hardest to straighten up- be like all the other reeds.  In the last month of his
life, Robert caught the vision of AbbaDaddy House and began working on the ranch.  His
greatest concern was the appearance of the land.  Logging had left some unsightly piles of
logs and limbs and Robert set out to clean things up.  He also checked the fences and found
several broken posts.  Robert took it upon himself to repair several of them.  Robert cleaned
out the horses trough weekly without being told or reminded.  Robert took great pride in
taking care of, or should I say, spoiling the horses.  They followed him on his four-wheeler
because they knew a treat was in store for them.  In fact, the very last time I saw Robert
alive was as he drove over the knoll in the sunset with the four horses and his dog running
after him.  It was one of those moments when Jesus whispers in your ear, "Attend to this,
and treasure this moment in your heart."

With all this said Robert was still bruised, incapable of doing what the other reeds could do.  
Yet, Robert was still a reed, created and valued by Jesus.  Jesus never criticized Robert or
judged him unfairly.  Jesus loved Robert in spite of the bruising.

AbbaDaddy House was Roberts refuge.  Many times he stated he never wanted to return to
Kansas.  This ranch was his home.  Besides comprehending the AbbaDaddy House reality,
the love of Christ was shown to Robert.  Some Christian friends received Robert.  Robert
spent time with them fishing and four-wheeling.  They accepted Robert for who he was- a
Bruised Reed.

What picture of Christ did Robert see through us?  How did we respond to this bruised
reed?  Did we try to mend him or did we bruise him more?  Did we respond the same as
Jesus did?  Loving Robert unconditionally?

This bruised reed was created for a purpose.  Just like all of us are created for a purpose.  
Jesus loves Robert the same as He loves you.  Why?  In reality, we are all bruised reeds.  
Life has bruised all of us- just differently.

Matthew 12:20 speaks of a bruised reed that Jesus will not break.  Instead Jesus leads
justice to victory.  When Robert was 10 years old he was lead to victory as he accepted
Christ as his Savior.  Just in the last year, Robert felt compelled to be sure of his salvation
so he prayed the sinners prayer again.  Even the simple hearted understand the need for a

Roberts ultimate justice to victory occurred in the evening of August 22, 2006.  This old
world hadn't been fair to Robert.  He needed his Savior to step in, make the pathway to
justice and claim the victory.  Robert lives today eternally resting in his Savior's arms.  No
more bruising, No more pain.  Just peace, simple peace.

Jesus will also lead you to justice and victory.  The question you need to answer is.  Will you
find victory, sweet victory as you lay in your Savior's arms or will you find defeat as you live
eternally separated from the love of Christ in hell?  As simple hearted as Robert was, he
knew the difference and chose life eternal.  WHAT WILL YOU CHOOSE?

Psalm 116:6 "The Lord protects the simple-hearted: when (Robert) was in great need,
(Jesus) saved (him.)"

This simple-hearted young man taught me how to love.                Myrna-September, 2006
Robert Smith is Annette's
son. She has approved of
this article