Myrna Thatcher, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
has been in private practice for
23 years. Seventeen of those years
she has partnered with Annette Smith who is Certified in
Adlerian Psychology and is a Lay Christian Advisor.
Annette's life experiences intertwined with Myrna's professional
training create a unique healing experience for the client.
When you walk alongside abused children who crawl in your lap,
cry and tell you their stories or you have an adult sit in your
office, look you in your face, call you a friend, then walks out and
shoots himself, it gives you enough experience to know what you
are looking at. We have years of practice of talking to people who
are so low, broken and hopeless, that we have had to literally
reach down and pull them from death's door. Sometimes you have
to take off the professional mask and cry with the client, letting
them know you are a human being who cares. We care.
Myrna and Annette are members of the Idaho Society of
Individual Psychology. Myrna is a member of  Idaho
Marriage and Family Therapy and American Association of
Marriage and Family Therapy. They are co-authors of
"Turning the Curse Into a Blessing" and are  published in
"Pursuing Peace: Case Studies Exploring the Effectiveness of
Theophostic Prayer Ministry". Annette is also published in
"Stars in Our Hearts: Musings."
Myrna Thatcher, LMFT
Annette Smith,